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Shelby Murray - Mi kit de aramaeo bíblico

Shelby Murray, 22.09.2018, 13:27
Shalom again Havarim (friends). Have you wondered where Aramaic is in the bibleHave you heard people talk about Aramaic but thought: what
is it Is it like Hebrew How could I study Aramaic Did Yehoshua speak Aramaic or Hebrew The purpose of this book is to tackle these questions and explore the Aramaic language. This book contains over 300 Aramaic vocabulary items, Aramaic names, and Aramaic names of God which are transliterated in the text and spoken on the accompanying audio, which is free with the book. Please keep in mind that transliterations are a transfer of letters from the Aramaic alphabet to the English alphabet. The sounds and pronunciation of most Aramaic words are debated. No one knows the true way in every instance how Aramaic was spoken so many years ago.

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